Building Millennial Office Culture In A Modern Workplace

Values on entering the workforce have changed and young employees today are looking more for flexible corporate cultures.

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Millenial office culture starts with understanding their value and their needs.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're a millennial.

Heck, I am. And while that term has come to mean young and inexperienced, many don't realize that the millennial age group includes people from twenty-something to pushing forty who aren't interested in your hot take that we're killing another industry.

Here's a recap:

  • Baby Boomers: Aged 55-74
  • Generation X: Aged 39-54
  • Millennials: Aged 24-38
  • Generation Z: Aged 4-23

If you want to make a millenial office feel comfortable, you'll need to offer them more than some avocado toast.

You need to offer us reasons to stay.

Milennial office culture means more than avocado toast

In 2016, millennials began to represent the majority of the modern workplace and it’s clear they’re not going to just accept the status quo.  

Entering the workforce with the latest gadgets, employers can't ignore how new technology has affected the modern workplace. 

  Enjoying a game of base ball on a Friday against other companies is a great way to get your team working together, and being competitive.

Lunch Time Sports

Archetype:  Active, Engaging, Physical, Healthy

Lunch time sports are a favourite activity of ours that almost everyone loves.  Getting the team out to a close by field for a game of ultimate, baseball or whatever the preference is, is an excellent way to get the team working together.  Young people will especially love this as sitting at the desk all day can wear down on energy levels. Sports and physical activity are proven to boost energy, productivity, and focus.

  I have yet to meet a millennial who does not love a cold beer & a casual game of pool.

Friday Night Pool

Archetype:  Relaxing, Social

A trip to the local pool hall on a friday night is an excellent way to wrap the week up on a good note.  The pool hall is a social venue that’s extremely popular among millennials and eases the effort of socializing with a couple beverages & games of billiards.  

Protip:  If you want to really blow everyone away bring in a coach for Snooker lessons!

  Eating lunch outdoors is a great way for employees to mingle while getting some sun & fresh air.

Outdoor Lunches

Archetype:  Quick, Easy, Refreshing

Getting out of the office during the day can have huge benefits for individuals in any office.  Quickly heading out to the best outdoor spot around your office to eat lunch gives your employees a boost of fresh air they’ll love and a break in routine. Breaking up the traditional routine with a quick lunch can help individuals be more productive when getting back into the routine after lunch.

  Pictured: Civilization 5 is an excellent team building game much like the classic board game RISK.

The LAN Party

Archetype:  Chill, Quiet, Fun

Millennials are the generation that first grew up with video games, and not very long ago they played all of these games without the internet.  Local Area Network (LAN) Parties go over extremely well with more computer focused teams & can surprisingly be excellent for team building.  Your development team will love running through Azeroth to the next raid, or disarming a hostage situation in Rainbow Six.

  A simple walk will get your blood flowing & focus the mind to stay productive.

A Simple Walk

Archetype:  Easy, Quick, Active, Healthy

Simply getting out of the office around lunch for a quick walk is another great way for co-workers to fit in a nice conversation & enjoy the great weather this summer. Sunlight is key for maintaining good moods in the office while also being extremely beneficial for physical & mental health.


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