What is Desk Nibbles? | The Best Office Snacking Experience On The Planet!

With thousands of healthy office snacks and free delivery we offer customizable office programs with dedicated managers to monitor feedback.

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Healthy office snacks delivered to make your office manager's life happier!

By now, most companies have figured out that they are only scratching the surface of workplace efficiency.

After you have invested in competitive salaries, stock options, and a comprehensive benefits package, how else can you stand out from the crowd and make your office seem less corporate and more cultural?

Instead of work perks that employees hardly ever use, consider offering something practical like healthy office snacks that the whole team can enjoy every single day!

Our Philosophy

Desk Nibbles is a versatile office food and beverage provider, and we believe that we truly make work happier by offering the best office snacking experience on the planet!

We’re here for companies looking to go the extra mile for their employees.

Our team loves sharing healthy office snacks!
Our staff (and furry friends) love healthy snacks to nibble on!

Many offices want to implement a snack delivery program, but don’t know where to start. People love Desk Nibbles because of our free delivery, thousands of healthy snacks to choose from, and open feedback with budget monitoring so you get the plan you want without lifting a finger.

A workplace snack program for your office will support your team’s success and contribute to healthier lifestyles and happier people!

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Snack Delivery Plans

Different offices have different needs, so we offer customizable programs with thousands of options for healthy and delicious snacks.

Our dedicated account managers work to save you time and money while giving your business a tasty -not to mention practical - edge in the competition for employee happiness.

We provide your office with a Slack Bot that uses AI technology to track requests, so that every employee can make suggestions to their snacking program and ensure they get their favourite snacks delivered to the office.

Our Smart Kitchen plans are perfect for these larger offices that require a hands-on approach to ensure allergies and preferences are maintained every week.

Smart Kitchens are a great way to serve a lot of helathy office snacks.
We hook offices up with fresh fruit delivered to work spaces!

We install sustainable snacking equipment at no added cost to hold your favourite snacks in bulk, and even monitor your team’s eating habits and snack reviews to update your plan accordingly.

We support a wide variety of fresh fruit delivery, stock office kitchens with snacks, and install specialized drink machines for coffee and sparkling water to suit your tastes. Did we mention we deliver for free?

[Chat with one of our friendly representatives to see how you can start a Smart Kitchen in your office.]

If your office is still growing, or you just want to try out the program on one of your departments, our Box Plans are bursting with tasty treats with the same level of customization as our Smart Kitchens!

That means the same access to our rotating inventory of healthy snacks for all their dietary restrictions, and of course, free snack delivery. We have two Box Plan sizes, and you can check them out here to see which one fits your budget and schedule!

Types of Office Snacks

Let’s talk shop for a minute here. When we say you have options, we mean you can select from over 100,000 different snacks and beverage brands we have available.

Feel free to ask about our sizeable catalogue, and let us tell you about the new items we are introducing every month. We love to make sure our clients get their hands on the coolest snacks on the market.

But first, here’s some of our best-sellers!

Our huge variety of healthy office snacks are available in our delicious box plans!

Snack Bars

  • Skip breakfast? No problem! Our rotating inventory features delicious & nutritious snack bars that will keep you fuelled with crispy, chewy goodness.

Chips & Popcorn

  • Popcorn & chips are the perfect, quick treat for anyone who loves a good savoury snack on the fly with plenty of crunch!

Granola & Trail Mix

  • Feeling nutty? Come out of your shell and discover our assorted trail mix snack packs, high in protein and tastiness!

Jerky Treats

  • For the meat lovers in your office, our rotating inventory features pepperoni, jerky and other protein powerhouses will help propel you through the workweek.

Gluten-Free & Organic

  • Snacking healthier doesn’t mean giving up on flavour! Go greener and healthier with our vegan, gluten-free and organic options.

Go Further

  • Beyond snack bars, chips, and jerky, we're able to feature all kinds of cookies, chocolates & seasonal favourites - and we’re always adding more!

Desk Nibbles Reviews

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our customers are saying about their Desk Nibbles experience!

Procorp Financial - Hugh, President

Procorp Financial love their healthy office snack delivery plan!
‍"We received our first order and were immediately impressed with everything that was offered by the Desk Nibbles team!"

Uber - Calvin, Greenlight Supervisor

Uber eats a lot of healthy office snacks!
"When we introduced Desk Nibbles here you could definitely see a spark in energy for the staff members"


Snack delivery programs are a great way to keep employees motivated, and we understand that you can’t simply add grocery trips to your already busy schedule.

That’s why we make it so easy to order and stock your office with free delivery, premium snacking equipment, and account management to make sure we are keeping your employees satisfied!

Stand out as a leader in office culture and book a meeting with one of our Desk Nibbles representatives so we can see what plan will work best for your workplace.

Happy Snacking!

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