Healthy Snack Substitutions To Keep Your Office Energized

Try replacing tired, unhealthy junk food with some of our high-energy substitutions!

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Healthy snack substitutions for your office!

It’s scary to think just how much junk food is eaten every year.In weight, the amount of fast food, candy, and chips bought in North America is over350 million tonnes.

Despite the fact that these sugars, oils, and preservatives are well documented contributors to obesity, low energy, and general moodiness, we continue to indulge in these comfort foods.

Now, banning sweets from the office might be met with some groans, but there are ways that you can meet everyone’s cravings without giving in to unhealthy choices.

Try replacing tired, unhealthy junk food with some of our high-energy substitutions!

Chocolate Bars vs. Granola Bars

Surprisingly, cocoa has many health benefits that are often overlooked because of chocolate’s bad wrap.

More people are incorporating dark chocolate into their diets because of the high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids, which detoxify the body and improve brain function.

The trouble is these snacks are chocked full of added fats and refined sugar.

So let’s replace it with something that satisfies those chocolate cravings without sacrificing good health and a clear mind!

Granola is the preferred snack for active people

Granola Bars for Good Health

Rolled oats, nuts, and natural sweeteners have been around for quite literally ages. Yet, granola bars as we know them today only started cropping up in the late 19th century.

Since then they have been popularized by health experts, athletes, and workers looking for a nutritional snack on-the-go.

Keep in mind that not all granola bars are created equal, and some may be just as problematic as traditional chocolate bars.

Here’s a favourite that perfectly fits the fall season!

These kind bars are great granola bar substitutions

Featured: KIND bars

With no trans fats and no more than 5g of sugar, these are your ‘kind’ of granola bar.

KIND bars are bursting with fruits, nuts, and natural sweeteners like real cane sugar, so you can enjoy some guilt-free indulgence.

Right now we are carrying their Maple Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt bars so you can chow down on a tasty treat!

Candy vs. Dried Fruit

 Natural candy like dried fruit make for great snack substitutes

Every culture in the world has “invented” candy,  quickly becoming a staple in convenience stores and a fix for any sweet tooth.

Of course, anyone who has had a cavity knows that you can’t indulge in artificial sugars all the time.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself to something sweet!

Why not try some of Earth’s delicious and natural candy?

Dried Fruit for Sweet Tooths

While dried fruit loses most of its water content, it manages to retain its nutrients and health benefits as if it was freshly picked.

You can order order just about any type of dehydrated fruit, from raisins to apples, bananas, blueberries, and more in one of our amazing box plans!

 Martin’s Apple Chips

Get a hold of your hankerings with Martin’s Apple Chips!

Grown on the Martin family farm, they are a smart snacking option with no added sugar, preservatives, and are gluten free.

Try their Cinnamon flavour for that added sweet-tang!

Potato Chips vs. Baked Chips

 Potato chips are sort of unhealthy

Potato chips are delicious, but are full of empty calories.

You find yourself full without consuming the right amount of nutrients after eating a serving or two, not to mention all the oils and saturated fats that they are soaked in.

The massive amount of sodium found in these treats plays a huge role in obesity, but there is a way to sate your salt craving without this oily option.

Put the crunch back into your lunch with these healthy alternatives!

Veggie Chip Off The Ol’ Block

Before we put the potato in the ground, consider shelving the trans fats and choosing baked chips over fried.

Healthy veggie chips are healthy and tasty

With less added fats and more potassium and vitamin C,
simply switching to baked can drastically improve your diet.

Beyond the common potato, there are sweet potatoes, kale chips, baked apple slices (see above), carrot fries, and a virtually unlimited list of fruits and vegetables that act as healthy alternatives to potato chips.

You can read all about these 21 types of veggie chips if you're feeling really snacky!

Plentils are awesome snacks!

Feature: Plentils
Some people avoid “healthy chips” because they think they’re too bland.

Not the case with Plentils, which offer savoury lentil chips loaded with protein to keep your employees slugging along!

You can choose from a wide variety of flavours including sea salt, garlic and parmesan, and even margherita pizza!

Soda vs. Water/Juice

Here’s a scary fact: pop is literally brainwashing you.                                                      

 Sugar free drinks are the way to go

No, really.

Fructose, which can be found in high levels in most fizzy drinks causes some bizarre things to happen to the body.

Typically, when you snack on something your brain receives signals that you are full and should stop eating, but not with fructose.

Since you never feel full you could just keeping drinking pop, where the sugar makes it drastically easier to gain weight and can cause heart disease and diabetes.

Water You Waiting For?

Instead of reaching for another can that will rot your teeth, consider picking up a healthier alternative such as juice or flavoured and sparkling water.

Pop contains little to no nutrients, but with juices the only limit is your taste buds!

Apple and orange are old favourites, but now you can get your creative juices flowing with spinach, carrot, and ginger infusions, and more.

Of course, if you want to avoid even these natural sugars flavoured and sparkling water offers better hydration, increases your appetite, and maintains high energy levels without the crash.

 LaCroix Sparkling Water

Feature: LaCroix Sparkling Water

You’ve probably already seen a few people sipping from a can of LaCroix, or even rocking some of their t-shirts around the office.

That’s because on top of providing a simple carbonated beverage with natural ‘essences’, LaCroix has built a brand that inspires action and creativity.

Definitely a hit for fun and health-conscious workplaces!


It’s easy to want to give into temptation and stick with old favourites, but if productivity and good health are your main concerns, these are all tasty ways to keep treats in the workplace!

You can order all of the above and have a box of snacks delivered to your office in one of our customizable box plans, so that everyone gets just what they want!

Make the right choice for your office health and try out a few of these great healthy snack substitutions!

Happy snacking!

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