A Day in the Life: My Healthy Office Experience

"I was hungry for marketing and tasty snacks; Desk Nibbles gave me a taste of both!"

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Here's what it's like to market healthy office snacks for your day job!


Annie, Senior Marketing Manager

Leading a marketing team has been my dream since second year of university, so when I got my role as the marketing lead here at Desk Nibbles I was beyond thrilled!

A typical first day on the job would consist of learning about the brand, assessing the paid marketing channels and organic content strategies.

Even though those things were on my to do list, I was dying to try some healthy office SNACKS!

How To Market the Munchies

Aside from my obvious love for salty and crunchy, I was really curious to know what Desk Nibbles customers experience when they sign up for a snack box plan.

From the initial order to the unboxing, I wanted to have it all!

I hopped on our website and started browsing. It wasn’t even two scrolls until I found the snack box plans…


At first glance it’s obvious that the Muncher Box offered is bigger than the Nibbler (duh), and you can totally see exactly what you're getting and how many of each item, too. 

There was also this service called a Smart Kitchen which I found intriguing. But I didn’t want a full-kitchen service right now, so I went with the Nibbler Box.

The “Get Started” button took me to an interactive page where I selected my office size (for the sake of experiment I chose 15 people) and my budget and voila, I got the Nibbler Box as my recommendation. 

Thankfully, the website didn’t take me through a million other checkout pages and my order was placed successfully. Hooray!

Countdown to Crunch-Time

As per any good customer service provider, I received a welcome email and a prompt to track my shipment through my account.

My snack box was expected to arrive Monday - less than a week after my order was placed. So no risk of getting hangry 😁

After losing some sleep from excitement, Monday was finally here! My box arrived in the morning and it looked like it could feed A LOT of people.

I couldn’t try them all by myself so I got my coworker, Jordan, to join me on the adventure. 

First and foremost, I was surprised at the variety of snacks that came in the Nibbler Box. We had a large selection of crispy, chewy, salty and sweet.

The next thing I noticed was that most office treats were non-GMO, gluten free, organic and allergy-conscious.

This was awesome for someone like me, who recently discovered a festering tree nut allergy; I was so happy to be able to eat a snack and not worry about discomfort or sickness.

So Tell Me What You Want (What You Really, Really Want)!

Having healthy snack options in the office is a good change from conventional snack. In case you’re interested, below is a complete list of the snacks in the box:

  • Plentils Chips: Original Sea Salt
  • Hardbite Chips: BBQ and Jalapeno
  • GoGo Quinoa Cookies
  • MadeGood Mini-Cookies
  • MadeGood Squares
  • Sunrise Chocolate Biscuits
  • Love Crunch Granola Bars
  • Jimmy Bar
  • Glutino Bar
  • Crickstart Bar
  • Spokes Chips: BBQ and Sea Salt
  • EnjoyLife Mini-Cookies

My absolute favourites from this bunch were definitely the Plentils and MadeGood Mini-cookies.

Jordan on the other hand, loved the BBQ Hardbite chips and the Glutino bars, which is awesome since it means we don’t have to fight over snacks!


All in all, I loved the Desk Nibbles experience.

I felt like a little kid on Christmas opening my shipment and finding all the surprises inside.

The amazing thing is, Desk Nibbles will always change up the snack variety, so you are guaranteed to have something fun and surprising in each box!

If you love having great work perks and want to try Desk Nibbles at your office, drop your email here and one of our Smart Kitchen Specialists will reach out to set you up with a plan that’s right for you!

Want to try a box, but don’t feel like speaking to anyone? No problem! Slide on over to our Box Plan page and enjoy the same seamless process I did.

And if you’ve read this far, I want to give you a little token of appreciation. Use my discount code: FIRSTBOX when speaking to our staff and enjoy 15% off your first order! 

Until next (snack) time!



Senior Marketing Manager

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