The Most Unusual Office Manager Duties You Should Prepare To Handle

Are you ready to hear about how office managers deal with affairs, secret vacations, and...ducks?

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These unusual office manager duties are definitely NOT in your job description.

So you’ve decided to become an office manager? Hat’s off, it’s not an easy job.

What items are a part of your office manager duties?

A typical day could have you doing any of the following:

  • Ordering snacks and office supplies
  • Responding to general inquiries about the company
  • Organizing itineraries for business trips
  • Record keeping and data collection
  • Preparing presentations on workplace software and services
  • Assisting with HR policies and procedures
  • Planning seasonal workplace recreational activities
  • Managing company budget and finances
  • Boosting workplace morale throughout the year

While you’re expected to do anything, it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily prepared for everything. Sometimes you’re asked to rise out of your comfort zone, and sometimes you need to know when to say no.

Have a read through these unusual stories that don’t exactly fall under your average “office manager duties.”

4. Ducking Out of Conversations

If you thought office dogs were cute, imagine if your office manager responsibilities included looking after a little family of ducklings and their mother?

That’s productivity kryptonite right there.

Duck care is a part of this office manager duties!

When this office manager decided to adopt a small brood of ducklings, she didn't realize how much it would interfere with her duties.

But the issue isn’t the care, it’s the conversation.

“People only ask me about the ducks I work with,” she said. Apparently, a dozen people approached her several times a day to talk about literally nothing else, and it started to drive her a little quackers.

“The ducks are darling and entertaining and I love working with them, but they are a small part of my job and not the only interesting thing about my role or personality,” she explained. "I want to be friendly and gracious but seriously enough with the ducks for one second."

Rightly so, none of us want to be defined by some small aspect of our work lives, no matter how adorable. I suppose you can't blame her for putting her (webbed) foot down.

So those of you wishing for their own office mascots, have some talking points ready and prepare to get your ducks in a row!

3. Exes and Woes

There’s usually some bad energy between spouses and ex-significant others, but luckily most couples never have to run into their exes more than once or twice after that.

Unless you just get hired for a new position where your husbands ex-wife works.

if your first task is to fire your husbands ex-wife.

Is firing your husband's ex-wife a part of your office manager duties?

Yikes indeed.

Of course, this manager had no idea she would be there when applying, but she does know that her husband's former lover hasn’t been entirely honest with her current employers.

“I know her entire resume is a lie — my husband told me, and I know her job history has been a lot less stable than her online resume and LinkedIn profile indicate,” she revealed.

Decisions, decisions.

This anonymous user wanted to do the right thing, but knew her actions might not be viewed as unbiased. While staying on top of the psychology of the workplace is part of the job description, this isn't what she had in mind.

“I would be 100% able to give her a fair shot, but if I do have to let her go, it is going to be perceived as some sort of … crazy new wife thing!”

Ultimately, she decided to let her new employers know that there is an ever-so-slight conflict of interest in this case, and hopefully not have to cross this ex again.

2. Not Affair Fight

Executive assistants are some of the most powerful and insightful members of any office space, but it comes at a cost. As part of their job description, they have to keep all the dark and dirty secrets they discover.

In this EA’s case, they had to go even further. She started to realize that her boss wasn’t simply “consulting” the women coming by the office: he was having a slew of affairs.

Imagine if one of your office manager duties was to cover up an affair!

Soon, she found herself picking up flowers and jewelry that were definitely not for his wife, and felt anything but comfortable keeping this a secret.

“Normally I honestly don’t care what people do in their own private lives, but I hate that I’m part of his lies to his wife,” she said.

After a while, something must have snapped. Maybe it was how nice the wife was when she met her, or that she was told to lie to her face, or that time her boss sent her to a “massage parlour” to settle a bill after he accidentally used the company credit card. Who can say?

Eventually, she knew she had to do something, but was telling the wife and possibly ruining a marriage the right thing?

What would you do?

Well, there was a follow-up. Before this assistant could spill the beans, the wife (very publically) outed the boss as a philanderer and began divorce proceedings against him.

Just goes to show you, cheaters never win.

1. Joe’s Long Trip To Ohio

[Long story, but SUPER worth it]

Some people love business trips, but one person recounts a much more difficult experience with one of their colleagues.

“We have an agent, let's call him ‘Joe’,” said Reddit user JazzFan418.

"Joe" is not a fan of business trips, and doesn't think it's in his job description.

“Joe is about 60 and the PERFECT employee. Never misses work, perfect stats, honest, customers love him and always give him praise, volunteers for overtime and absolutely everybody loves him.”

One thing though, Joe doesn't like to travel. He prefers to spend his weekends at home with his wife #relationshipgoals.

One day, JazzFan418 was scheduled to head out on a business trip to Ohio. Surprisingly, even though it wasn't usually part of his job description, Joe had to tag along.

The big issue? This coincided with Joe’s 40th wedding anniversary, and of course he's not too keen on leaving the city and be away from his family. But their manager wouldn’t budge.

“Do it Joe, you don’t have a choice.”

And that was the end of it...for now.

Business trips are a pretty cool part of the office manager job description.

Joe’s wife went to stay with her sister for the weekend, and he packed up his bags to meet our narrator at the airport. Apparently Joe was really beat up about the situation but tried to put on a brave face.

They went to dinner first, then hopped on the plane, stopping in Houston for their connecting flight. As they were walking through the terminal, JazzFan418 stopped and pointed to the Miami gate.

“There’s your plane,” he said. Joe turned around and saw his wife standing there at the gate, all dolled up with her luggage ready to go.

“My boss had arranged to send them to Miami for a week and then on a cruise to Jamaica for their anniversary WITH my bosses company credit card for expenses,” said JazzFan418.

“The first thing out of his mouth was ‘OMG I DIDN'T PACK FOR THAT!’”

So remember, part of your long list of office manager duties might include a complex plan to hoodwink your coworkers into enjoying a 5-star vacation of their dreams!

Let’s hope it doesn’t mean you have to go to Ohio though.


Well at least it ended on a happy note!

I bet you didn't expect to be dealing with cheating bosses, secret vacations, ex-lovers and wildlife as part of your job description?

If you find your responsibilities are piling up, make your life a little easier and subscribe to one of our healthy snacking box plans, made for all office sizes (even really big ones)!

Happy Snacking!

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