What is Desk Nibbles? | The Best Office Snacking Experience On The Planet!

With thousands of healthy office snacks and free delivery we offer customizable office programs with dedicated managers to monitor feedback.

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Our easy office snack delivery service is guaranteed to make your work happier.

By now, most companies have figured out that healthy office snacks are winning over millennial workers.

Managers know millenials and their more experienced colleagues are looking for more than just a salary. Employees want to feel valued in their roles, and it’s a no brainer that snacks are a cost effective way to show appreciation while keeping an office healthy.

Desk Nibbles is an office snack delivery service that let's you choose your healthy office snacks!

Needless to say, pizza and beer aren’t everyday foods, no matter how you slice it! So an emphasis on health-conscious options is quickly becoming a necessity.

Healthy office snacks power employees into a productive workflow, and have been proven to be an affordable yet effective way to boost employee morale.

Click below to download "Snacking By The Numbers," our report on office food and employee morale!

As Snack Experts, we know what it takes to bring joy to a hungry office in need.

Now let’s take a look at how Desk Nibbles makes work happier!

Why Choose An Office Snack Delivery Service?

Desk Nibbles is a complete snacking and kitchen solution dedicated to providing you and your team with the best office snacking experience on the planet.

Many companies think they can manage an office food program all on their own, but quickly find that ordering from retail giants like Costco and Amazon only leaves them with less time and more work to do. 

An office snack delivery service let's you focus on your other responsibilities!

Customers love Desk Nibbles because of features like  extreme plan customization, healthy variety, and transparency in budget management. Throw in the free delivery, optional kitchen stocking, feedback management and office snacking becomes a breeze!

Desk Nibbles is here for companies looking to offer the best healthy snack foods to their employees!

Click here to get started with a Desk Nibbles box plan and see what all the fuss is about!

Our Plans With Healthy Snacks For Work

Different offices have different needs, so our customizable plans come with thousands of options to help find the best healthy snacks for your workplace.

No matter what plan you choose, you are guaranteed to enjoy the same VIP treatment for your office snack delivery.

Our plans are curated based on your team’s appetite, with employee allergies and dietary preferences in mind.

Here’s what you can expect from our customizable services!

Desk Nibbles office snack delivery comes with a lot of helpful features!

Managing an office snack delivery program can be a lot of work, but there’s no need to do it alone!

Our dedicated Account Managers are here to help with every aspect of your office snacking experience.

Your Account Manager will provide invaluable support with managing your budget spend, organizing your office kitchen space, monitoring consumption levels (to see which snacks your office can’t get enough of), and much more!

Our Account m=Managers are here to help with your office snack delivery program!

Worried you aren’t getting enough snacks? Your Account Manager is always optimizing your plan so that your office gets as many healthy options as it can handle!

Install our Slack Bot so that employees can make instant suggestions to their snacking program and ensure they get their favourite snacks delivered to the office.

Smart Kitchen Plans

Smart Kitchens make office snacking easy with Desk Nibbles bulk dispensers for your favourite snacks.

Our Smart Kitchen plans also include specialized drink machines available for office coffee, tea and sparkling water to make sure you’re sipping (and snacking) in style.

Whether it’s fresh fruit, packaged snacks, or specialty items, a Desk Nibbles office snack delivery plan will ensure your employees stay full and healthy!

Desk Nibbles office snack delivery never leaves you hungry!

*Ahem* Have we mentioned free delivery? 💸

Get started with one of our friendly representatives to see how we can fit a Smart Kitchen in your office!

Box Plans

If your office is still growing, or you just want to try out the program on a department, our Box Plans are bursting with tasty treats with the same level of customization as our Smart Kitchens!

That means the same access to our large variety of healthy snacks for all dietary restrictions.

We have two Box Plan sizes, and you can check them out here to see which one fits your budget and delivery schedule!

Types of Healthy Office Snacks

Let’s talk shop for a minute here. A large variety for Desk Nibbles means you have over 20,000 different snacks and beverage brands that are available.

One of our goals is to ensure that customers get their hands on the coolest snacks entering the market.

Get the latest list by clicking here!

Our huge variety of healthy office snacks available with your office snack delivery program!

Desk Nibbles Reviews

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our customers are saying about their Desk Nibbles experience!

Procorp Financial - Hugh, President

Procorp Financial love their healthy office snack delivery plan!
‍‍"We received our first order and were immediately impressed with everything that was offered by the Desk Nibbles team!"

Uber - Calvin, Greenlight Supervisor

Uber gave Desk Nibbles office snack delivery the greenlight!
‍"When we introduced Desk Nibbles here you could definitely see a spark in energy for the staff members"


Now that you know what we’re all about, let’s chat about getting healthy office snacks into your workplace!

With extreme plan customization, huge variety of healthy options, budget management and feedback monitoring, Desk Nibbles provides the best office snack delivery service in the world!

You might be thinking:

“That’s exactly what my office needs!”

Well you’re in luck.

Click here to book a call with one of our Snack Experts and we’ll help you find the best way to get healthy office snacks into your workplace!

Happy Snacking!

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