Try These 3 Stretches In 5 Minutes To Ease Office Aches & Pains

Your health should be your main focus, and these quick stretches are the perfect way to recenter body and mind during a busy work day.

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Office aches are no match for this fast and easy routine!

Sitting at a desk all day, it’s easy to ignore the warning signs of chronic office aches and pains that gradually build from poor posture, repetitive tasks, and negative body language.

Besides your physical health, a sedentary work routine can increase your stress levels and lead to depression and anxiety.

We asked Sylvia Ivy, a certified yoga instructor, to come to our office and show us some techniques.

These easy office stretches help ease these aches and explain why a little bit of yoga throughout the day is a first step to a healthier lifestyle.


1. The Diaphragm Stretch - 2 min

Many of us tend to overlook the fact that sitting at a desk all week is actually pretty uncomfortable to deal with.

Spending 40 hours a week hunched over a computer screen is unsurprisingly bad for your health - but why?

Sylvia explains that it goes beyond poor posture. Sitting for long hours squashes the lungs and diaphragm, meaning you are taking less oxygen into the body.

Stretching out your diaghram helps relieve whole-body tension

This pose opens up the diaphragm and lungs while stretching out your back muscles.
Consider leaning backards or side-to-side for extra relief

It’s funny, but most people do forget how to properly breathe!

Limiting your full capacity to breathe for 8 hours a day does make a difference, but luckily you can recalibrate with this routine from the comfort of your desk.

2. The Neck Stretch - 2 min

It’s the #1 spot for tension to build up in the body, as we unconsciously tend to roll our shoulders forward when seated for long periods of time.

The neck is also the prime region for harbouring stress and can cause real pain and reduce motion with chronic aches in the office.

The neck carries a lot of our daily stress

Contrary to what you might think, this pose can be completed while sitting down - but don’t rush it!
Gentle neck stretches help relive common office aches

Always treat neck rotations with caution as they are prone to hyperextension and muscle compressions.

If done safely, these stretches can release the pent up tension in both the upper spine and shoulders.

3. The Wrist Stretch - 1 min

The ultimate bane of the modern employee: carpal tunnel syndrome.

Typically brought on by short, repetitive motions of the wrist, carpal tunnel can affect people of all ages and job descriptions and is the must frustrating of offce aches.

Whether you spend your days writing or typing, you’re at risk for serious pain if you don’t take proper care of your wrists.

The next time you feel a forearm cramp coming on, give this simple stretch a try.

Reduce your risk of carpal tunnel with this wrist stretch
For maximum relief, make sure you both pull and press your wrists so that the muscles can extend and compress fully.
Pull back the wrist, but not too far to soothe office aches from typing

If you find yourself experiencing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome often then stop working right away to give your wrists time to relax.

Consider having an ice pack on stand-by or talking to a doctor if the pain continues.


By focusing on these three key areas of the body that sitting causes the most issues for, you can prevent small office aches from turning into big trouble.

These diaphragm, neck, and wrist stretches are easy to do in the middle of a task, at lunchtime, or even during a snack break!

Stretch it out, and happy snacking!

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