What To Wear To An Office Holiday Party Based On 6 Personality Types

If you're stressing about what to wear to an office holiday party, let us help you cross at least one thing off of your December to-do list!

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Deciding What To Wear To Your Office Holiday Party Shouldn't Be This Difficult

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; that is, if you don’t mind hectic due dates, cold weather, or the impending feeling of anxiety surrounding holiday get-togethers

People havng fun because they know what to wear to office holiday party

Well, we can’t change that.

But if you were stressing about what to wear to an office holiday party, let us help you cross at least one thing off of your December to-do list!

While most companies host their office holiday party to help their employees unwind, it can also bring up some added concerns about gifting, games, and (gasp!) fashion.

Here at Desk Nibbles we’re all about sharing our snacks, and we do love our games, but you might not know that we have a secret weapon called ~style~.

Trust us. If there’s one thing we snackers have, it’s great taste 😉

So check out these 6 surefire outfit ideas that will help you figure out what to wear to an office holiday party!

Holiday Party Outfit 1 - The Advent Accessorizer

You’re a holly-and-jolly ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark and drab winter. Where others might choose something more tame, you love to pop out in a room and remind people that it’s all in the small things.

Buttons and pins are great accessories for choosing what to wear to office holiday party

Choose some bright colors to add some pizazz to the decorum, and don’t be afraid of the more flashy items in your wardrobe.

Your peers look to you for the zinging one-liners, so may as well make yourself easy to spot!

Flake out on the office dress code and grab some buttons, a bell, or a head band of something festive to make sure you’re hitting your holiday flair quota.

A snowman pin, holly sprigs, or reindeer antlers all work wonders. Save the mistletoe for another time, though 😜

Holiday Party Outfit 2 - The Northern Newbie

Deciding what to wear to the office holiday party is a big milestone for any new hire to make a good impression on your coworkers outside of the traditional office space. 

The trick here will be balance; not too casual that it seems like you don’t care, but try hard not to be a 'try-hard'. Sounds tricky? Just try it.

Being a new hire can be difficult when thinking what to wear to office holiday party

Lucky for you, plaid has been making a super heavy comeback over the last few years, both as laidback and work-appropriate attire.

The Canadian Hinterlands and their resemblance to the North Pole has probably helped this, like, a lot.

Leave the axe at home and come decked out in some red and green patchwork paired with a dark skirt/slacks combination. 

A duster cardigan overtop a flannel button-up or plaid pants with a suit jacket and tie is a great way to boost your confidence when your boss asks you “How are you getting on with everything?” 😳

Holiday Party Outfit 3 - The Dashing Dancer

Not all office holiday parties are boring! Since bars are easy and cheap places to book for companies with larger groups, there’s a good chance that people will feel the motivation to shake a leg in front of their colleagues.

Wool is what to wear to office holiday party if you want to dance

If this sounds like you, 1.) Your energy is appreciated, and 2.) Read this to make sure the only thing that you tear up is the dance floor.

Most people feel awkward dancing, period. It’s usually because they aren’t dressing themselves for success with their side-steps and shimmying. 

Work functions typically require tighter fitting outfits, which is fine until Beyonce comes on and you need to grab your Single Ladies!

Looser clothes like wool blend pants are a go-to for jiving, and a pleated high-waisted skirt means you can twirl all night long! 

Avoid pullovers and other tops that will cause you to build up a sweat, and remember that darker colors will hide any *ahem* stains. Save that black dress for New Year's Eve!

Remember to have fun with it, and get those legs up honey! 👏👏👏

Holiday Party Outfit 4 - The Tinseled-out Techie

One stereotype everyone needs to get over is thinking that your IT and engineering departments don’t know how to have a little fun (shoutout to the Desk Nibbles’ dev team!) because you’ll quickly find that they can be the most efficient partiers!

Be creative in your outfits for what to wear to office holiday party

If you’re a tech-minded individual, you have the potential to be even more creative with what to wear for office holiday party attire. 

Lean into your element and really light up the room with some electronic accessories like battery powered fairy lights hooked up to your shirt.

Seems like a bit much? Balance out your circuitry with some sharp outfit combinations such as a strappy dress or single-toned turtleneck sweater. 

Perfect for small talk now, and hacking the mainframe later 🤖

Holiday Party Outfit 5 - The Snow-baller

Got a reputation for being a real cool cat in your office? Then you’ve been waiting for this party all year round 😎 

Be cool when trying new things for what to wear to office holiday party

If fashion is your forte, take this opportunity to stun in some trendy threads that your social media officer is going to love.

If you are thinking elegance, then pay attention to fabrics like suede and velvet, particularly with a bold color scheme like red and white.

Spice things up with a crisp pattern print shirt, and don’t be afraid to pull out the bowtie to knock things up into cocktail mode.

Another approach is the “2cool4school” look, which you can achieve with high-waisted denim jeans and a baggy blouse.

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a classic Christmas sweater,  spruced up with a flashy blazer to really jingle house rock 🎸

Holiday Party Outfit 6 - The Hanukkah Haute Couture

Even if the Festival of Lights is over by the time your office holiday party takes place, you can still strut your stuff and celebrate the culture within a formal dress code. Fashion is a great way to introduce people to new traditions, so dress to impress with a look that no one can hold a candle to!

Celebrate hannukkah when deciding what to wear to office holiday party

For starters (if we’re being honest), red and green isn’t the best color mashup. If we’re being real honest it’s practically a fashion faux pas when choosing what to wear. 

Take a ‘page’ from the Torah and construct your holiday party outfit in blue and white representing “the radiance of the priesthood” and “the splendors of the firmament.” 

This is a great time to try out new pieces, since you’re probably sitting on 8 nights worth of new clothes! 

I mean, you did tell your Aunt Gracie you’d wear those funky socks at some point…🧦🧦


Listen, it’s true that there is a lot of stress around this time of year, and you may not be as tight with your coworkers as you’d like to be.

But the reason companies host these events is to foster that feeling of community, and to serve as a reminder that they really do value the work that you have accomplished throughout the year.

Healthy office snacks are a great workplace culture perk
And if your company cares about celebrating workplace culture, then you should definitely tell your office manager to consider getting some healthy office snacks in for 2019 to show that appreciation year-round! 

You can follow this link to get started if you already know all about what we do at Desk Nibbles🐰

So yes; go to that party, turn off work mode, and just be your natural born ‘elf! 🎄

Here’s hoping that choosing what to wear to your office holiday party is the last big decision you have to make this year!

Happy (Holiday) Snacking!

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