Introducing your snack experts


Make Work Happier

Founded in 2016, Desk Nibbles set out to make work happier by providing an easy and innovative office snacking service.

From office managers to individual employees, our goal is to deliver small moments of joy to your day.
We do this by helping ensure your kitchen and snacks are customized, healthy and affordable.

Spread Happiness

Access to free food in the office increases employee happiness by 11%

Boost Productivity

70% of employees believe that office food allows them to be more productive

Give Recognition

60% of employees believe that “free office food” is a token of appreciation for their hard work

Your Snack Advisory

Graphic Designer

Anna Trojanowska

Design is life for this snack-loving lady. When she isn’t illustrating or creating cute animations, you’ll likely find her petting dogs or laughing at her own jokes.

Business Development

Tak Maeda

Tak Maeda is a Sales Development Representative at Desk Nibbles and a marketing student at the University of Ottawa. During his time away from the office, he enjoys reading, watching sports and eating snacks!

Account Executive

Roger Collins

Roger is an Account Executive at Desk Nibbles who is passionate about making a difference. When he is not drinking coffee or climbing mountains, he is usually in the gym, on the outdoor rink or levelling up by reading.

Account Manager

Olivia Wozniak

Olivia Wozniak, your girl when it comes to the healthiest of snacks and staying active. She’s done a fair bit of traveling while working, so she’s 100% game to meeting new people and exploring new environments.

Social Media Coordinator

Jordan MacDonald

Jordan is our resident content creator that probably cares a little too much about Instagram and sports jerseys. When he isn’t honing his craft, he’s likely enjoying some classic Sinatra or re-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the sixth time.

Content Specialist

Jonathan Marshall

Jonathan is a snack expert with a penchant for storytelling. A journalist, magazine editor, and content marketer whose work has been featured globally, he loves talking about the write words. Don’t ask him about Lorem Ipsum.

Head of Design

Patrick Soutar

Pat Soutar is an avid snacker and the Head of UX & UI for Desk Nibbles. Throughout university Pat helped grow, build and brand several startup companies, while also running his former web and print design firm.

Account Manager

Ion Rotaru

Ion loves to snack!

Head of Business Development

Markus Sinnhuber

Markus has a passion for people, and strives to learn something new from every person he meets. His drive to learn fuels his desire to go beyond expectations when it comes to any aspect in business, or in life.

Head of Logistics

Harrison da Costa

While his official title is Head of Logistics, he prefers the CSO Title (Chief Snack Officer). Harrison enjoys the ongoing search to find tastiest and healthiest snacks possible!

Account Manager

Eric Esma

Eric Esma, Account Manager/Social Media Specialist, commonly referred to as “the cute one”. Lover of Disney movies with a passion for photography you can find him in his spare time exploring the city, thrifting or getting a workout.

Co-Founder & CTO

Emil Aite

Emil Aite is a lover of technology and snacks. Previously he was working at Shopify, where he experienced the impact a perk like Desk Nibbles can provide.


Dervis Cetinalp

Dervis loves to snack!

Co-Founder & CEO

Cassy Aite

Cassy loves the outdoors, travelling to exotic and extraordinary places, biking, fishing, playing soccer, and Coconut Bounce Protein Energy bites 😍

Customer Experience Lead

Brent Jensen

Brent Jensen is currently a student at The University of Ottawa with a strong passion for numbers, reading and Oxford commas. Brent is the only member on the Desk Nibbles team to have an emoji of his face.

Senior Marketing Manager

Anastasiya Shulyarenko

Annie eats marketing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She's worked for giants like Kraft and Allergan before making her way to Desk Nibbles. When not indulging in snacks, she can be found falling out of airplanes or volunteering abroad.

Account Manager

Alex Chapman

Alex is our Account Manager Lead in Toronto. He loves to snack!