desk nibbles


Creating an amazing office culture is a lot more than just office snacks - it’s about working in an environment where people can openly make an impact in this world, learn something new everyday, and grow as a person.

At Desk Nibbles, we align ourselves with a core set of values that inspire excellence and support our company vision. We look for people who share these values and will be an integral part of providing the best customer experience on the planet!

Infinite Learners


Striving to Improve

You’re curious & playful. At Desk Nibbles there is a drive to have fun, but more importantly a drive to evolve as an individual through training programs & expert mentorship. In today’s age of information, you know there is no reason to not constantly grow & improve yourself.  Desk Nibbles encourages this & is always looking for new ways to improve the service, products and team.

Self Aware

Strong Opinions

Loosely Held

You’re committed to forming strong opinions based on data, and customer feedback, which can help to guide product & service development. Strong beliefs ground you to the issues you’re solving, while at the same time, being highly encouraged to challenge anything and everyone.  There is never just one right answer to a problem, and it’s only as a team fueled by diverse opinions that an ideal solution can be achieved.



Seeing a project through from ideation to fruition is extremely important to you. At Desk Nibbles, you’ll be encouraged to ideate your own projects which provide value to customers, business units & partners alike. Independent thinking & individual projects are something you love, leading to the creation of unique and diverse outcomes.


Unique Individuals

Working Together

You’re independent and unique, but understand that creating inclusivity and belongingness in the workplace allows everyone to express their opinions without judgement. You value different opinions to collaborate with others and create novel solutions, solving challenging problems.


Always Be

Your Best You

You’re a leader in your field, and you’re deeply passionate about what you do. Even leaders have faults, and you realise this, but it doesn’t stop you from always putting 100% into your research, and your work. Even after a project is done, you’re continuously monitoring what you’ve created and looking for ways to improve the process.



as a Policy

You’re brutally honest, and not afraid to express your own opinions. You value others’ feedback on your work, even when it is not flattering. Through being honest and transparent in the work you do, you’re always looking to improve yourself and the others around you.



Sh*t Done

Following through and making sure the work you do gets done is important to you.  Seeing the final result of your work is a thrill that you love and will do anything in order to achieve it.  Being scrappy and working within tight constraints is not a problem, you’re a creative problem solver.


Caring Deeply

About Your Impact

You’re always looking at the impact you make from the perspective of the user; whether it is on the customer, business partners, or other team members you interact with every day. You care about improving the lives of others, whether that is a special moment to highlight a success, or innovating on processes to create efficiencies & save time.


Work Hard

Play Hard

At the end of the day, you like to have fun. At Desk Nibbles we’re a very social group that loves to get together after work hours to relax & enjoy ourselves. From a quick game of billiards, to hurling yourself off a cliff and down a zipline, there is always something fun to do with your colleagues.